About Me

I am an Amateur Photographer living in the North East of England. My interest in photography began in earnest about 10 years ago. I have always taken 'snaps' of flowers, holidays, family etc. but after a holiday in Australia I became seriously interested in trying to reproduce more accurately what I see around me. My garden and gardens I visit are a huge inspiration. The beauty around me never ceases to amaze.

I also enjoy Landscape Photography, mainly taking photographs of the North East of England and the Lake District in Cumbria. I visit there regularly and many of my landscape images are from that area. The inspiration from the fells, mountains and lakes is unending - no matter what the weather.

I am a member of my local Camera Club and am grateful to them and others for helping me develop my photography skills. I am presently using an Olympus OMD EM5mkii.

My husband has learned that our trips out quite often end with him reading a book or wandering off on his own whilst I am engrossed with tripod and camera after spotting something which I "really must get a shot of!" He is very patient thank goodness.

I hope you enjoy looking through my site and that I have managed to capture a little of the wonder of this world in my photographs.